Our People

Meet the Spiritual Companions who are centrally involved in leading, managing and guiding our programme:

Executive Team

William Bloom PhD, CertEd,  leads the development of Spiritual Companions. He is one of Britain’s leading educators and authors in a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and spirituality with over thirty years of practical experience, research and teaching. His books include the The Endorphin Effect and  The Power of Modern Spirituality which describes much of the Spiritual Companions approach. www.williambloom.com
Sarah Jane WilliamsonSarah Jane Williamson advises on governance and strategy. She is currently Associate Director of Strategy & Delivery at Rethink Mental Illness. She is also a Spiritual Companions educator. https://sarahjanewilliamson.com


Pete BrownPete Brown advises on finance and compliance. He is currently a senior consultant and programme director at Capita.
Nick ClementsNick Clements is the Chair of the Trustees. Visiting Professor of Community Arts at Staffs University. He is an author and workshop leader. He works as a community artist using creativity to stimulate self worth in areas of high social need. He has also developed expertise and practical experience in the field of male spirituality and rites of passage. www.nick-clements.com
Ila MazumdarIla Mazumdar has recently retrained as a primary teacher in an inner London school. Prior to this she was the director of a small community development and race equality charity. She originally started working as a positive mental health advisor in the NHS. Her passions include earth based spirituality, dancing and archetypal psychology.
Carl StonierCarl Stonier PhD had a 28 year career in nursing before switching to counselling, where his PhD explores the relationship between emotional health and physical health. He recently stepped down from his role as chief executive of National Cancer Support. He is an approved supervisor and training therapist for Nottingham Trent University, Sheffield Hallam University and Doncaster College, and supervised the work of the team of 25 counsellors in a counselling agency for 9 years. www.personal-potential.co.uk
Heather VeitchHeather K Veitch is a Coach, Flower and Vibrational Essence Therapist, Spiritual Companion, and writer living in the Peak District of Derbyshire, UK. She believes in the power of nature to offer us opportunities for healing and change, and to bring us back to ourselves. A firm believer in the innate ability for everyone to be the best version of themselves, she works with individuals who are exploring creativity, spirituality, and inner leadership. You can find Heather online at www.holisticgoddess.co.uk.
Tracy WheelerTracy Wheeler worked for many years as a nurse before becoming a full-time parent. She now practises as a holistic therapist.


To view our Educators’ bios, please visit our Spiritual Companions Educators page.